The Zoopha characters were created by me, Janine Lazur. I work as an advertising art director and the Zoopha characters are a side project. They started as hand-drawn/hand-painted animal alphabet names that I gave as gifts when family or friends had a new baby. Each character is now built in Adobe Illustrator. This makes building names or using the characters in other contexts much easier.


I'm interested in finding ways to use the Zoopha characters for education. The beginning of that is giving away the e-versions of a coloring book and book about the foods they eat for free at Feel free to pass the link on to other parents, friends or teachers. And if you have connections in the education publishing industry, I'd love to hear from you. Contact me >


About the animals chosen for each letter

The Zoopha characters were designed without strictly obeying the 'B is for Bear' pattern typically used for animal alphabets. Where it made sense and lent a comfortable pose for the animal, it occurs for some. But many animals were chosen just because they could become a letter shape without too much contortion. So yes, B is for Bear in this alphabet but B is also for Babette, her name. Every animal has been given a name that goes with the letter they represent.

©2016 Janine Lazur